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Trump gets angry warning: Investigate Hillary… or else!

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On the campaign trail, Donald Trump looked Hillary Clinton in the eye and told her point-blank that, if he ran the Justice Department, "you'd be in jail."

But almost a year into his presidency, Crooked Hillary is still running around scot-free.

Now a key Trump ally is issuing a chilling warning for the president: It's now or never. He's got to lock her up or risk losing his presidency – and America, forever.

Roger Stone, a former Nixon administration official with long and close ties to Trump, is outraged that the Justice Department hasn't investigated the Clinton Foundation's money laundering, influence peddling, or dozens of other Clinton family crimes.

"This reeks of a cover-up, folks," Stone said on his show "War Room" this month. "I publicly urge the president to order Attorney General Jeff Sessions to appoint a special counsel, a special prosecutor, to look at Uranium One."

That scandal alone could put the whole Clinton family behind bars for a long, long time.

As Secretary of State, Hillary signed off on a Russian-owned firm buying 20% of the uranium America had at the time.

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Comment by chris gill
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Start an investigation on the Clintons or their foundation? You may as well ask the government to close shop and shut down. There is no way to get to them with out doing the above. And even if there were a brave unbiased prosecutor who would do an unbiased investigation his unfortunate demise would just add to the known body count and it would stop there. Taking her down is wishful thinking. the swamp is there to stay.

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