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ALERT: North Korea can now KILL 90% of the U.S. population (video lecture)


(Natural News) North Korea has now demonstrated the ability to strike nearly every major city in the United States with either a nuclear warhead or a high-altitude EMP weapon. At risk are hundreds of millions of Americans who would find themselves at very high risk of being killed in the aftermath of an EMP attack due to mass starvation, social unrest and the spread of disease.

In this video lecture, I cover the facts about North Korea's current nuclear capability, explaining how the regime is now able to deliver large, weaponized payloads over very long distances. Because of this shocking advancement in North Korea's technology — combined with Kim Jong-Un's repeated threats to nuke specific U.S. cities — all Americans are now in the crosshairs of a nuclear-capable madman who leads a national cult of delusional followers.

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