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Nurses organize against anti-human rights "vaccine mandates" …

•, by: Isabelle Z.

Most of us have to do things we'd rather not for our jobs once in a while. Whether it's smiling in the face of a boss or customer we vehemently disagree with or participating in boring conference calls, we chalk it up to being "part of the job" and appreciate the fact that we're employed in the first place.

However, for those in the healthcare industry, unpleasant job duties can take a far more serious turn in the form of mandatory vaccines. Every year, nurses across the U.S. are forced to get a flu vaccine as part of their job. Eighteen states require it, and many healthcare systems and employers do as well. Many of these nurses are rightfully outraged at the idea of having to get a shot that even the CDC has admitted is not always effective and does not provide extra protection to hospital patients.

According to publically available information, hospital systems must reach or exceed a 90 percent flu shot reception rate with their staff members or risk losing as much as two percent of their Medicare/Medicaid funding! Those who refuse could lose their job, which is not just a human rights violation but also an Equal Employment Opportunity violation.

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