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The Path To Impeachment

•, by Charles Hugh Smith

Yesterday in The Internecine Deep State Conflict Moves to Stage Two I suggested that the conflict was heating up, a move confirmed by former Trump advisor Michael Flynn's guilty plea that he lied to the F.B.I. regarding his contact with Russian officials.

The case for impeachment now becomes clear: prosecutors will attempt to prove that Trump made contact with the Russians in violation of the Logan Act, which forbids private citizens from dealing in matters of state with foreign governments.

According to the Wikipedia entry on The Logan Act, To date, only two people have ever been indicted for violating the Act's provisions. However, no person has ever been prosecuted for alleged violations of the Act.

(There are of course other potential charges, which we will learn more about as legal commentators across the spectrum weigh in.)

Question #1: can prosecutors provide evidence that shows beyond reasonable doubt that Trump violated the Logan Act before taking office?

Question #2: is this an impeachable offense? That will be decided by the House of Representatives, which can pass a motion of impeachment on a simple majority: Impeachment of the president, explained.

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