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Japan Airlines pre-orders 20 Boom supersonic passenger jets

• by brian wang

JAL is helping Boom deliver something further: a mainstream supersonic airliner, which is practical, reliable, and economic. Their decades of experience as a world-class operator, expertise in everything from passenger experience to safety to technical operations will help us build an airliner not just with marquee speed, but also with the practicality required to truly change the way millions travel.

Boom Technology is a startup company aiming to create a 55-passenger civilian supersonic transport aircraft to fly up to Mach 2.2 (1,262 kn; 1,452 mph; 2,337 km/h). It could fly from New York City to London in 3 hours and 24 minutes at a proposed round trip cost of $5,000.

Total of 76 Pre-orders

At the 2017 Paris Air Show, 51 commitments were added for a backlog of 76 with significant deposits as its introduction is scheduled for 2023. For long-range routes like San Francisco-Tokyo and Los Angeles-Sydney, 30 lie-flat first-class seats could be proposed along 15 business-class seats. Boom targets $5,000 fares for a New York to London round-trip, while the same on Concorde cost $20,000 adjusted for inflation. It was its only profitable route, whereas 500 routes could be profitable with Boom. The 55-seat airliner would weigh 77,100kg (170,000lb).

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