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The US Needs a Freedom Revival

•, by Marc J. Victor

It's so easy to celebrate our "freedoms" with song singing, national holidays, and the obligatory pledging of allegiance to the flag. Don't get me wrong; I'm happy to say the United States remains one of the freest places in the world to this day. Indeed, the United States has accomplished many great things as a nation. I'm happy to be an American who proudly celebrates my service in the United States Marine Corps. That said, we can and need to do much better.

I can't say with certainty what our founding fathers would think about the United States leading the world in incarceration rates, serving as the world's police force, or maintaining a welfare and regulatory state so immense that we now exceed $20 trillion in debt and ever growing. Cutting federal spending in any area now seems a task akin to trying to square the circle. I'm not sure our founding fathers would be singing along with us. To be fair, we surely have issues to resolve.

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