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How to Live Like a Bitcoin Millionaire

• by Jeffrey A. Tucker

The opportunity is to live every dream you have ever had. Now. The problem is that for every dream you realize, you have to relinquish some of your property. And every bit of that property is hard to come by, extraordinarily lucrative, and the single most in-demand thing on the planet earth.

Among the crypto rich, it's hip to be poor. You must be tight. Stingy. No signs of wealth. 

So, yes, you could be living it up. Instead, you have become addicted to seeing your net worth rise and rise...oh, and rise further, and further, and rise again. And more. The only trick is not to die before you do something with it. That seems pretty easy, for the most part.

What You Spend Today

Here is the problem with using (as versus merely saving) Bitcoin. There are no lack of options for how to spend (sell) it. But you do that, and then you don't have it. You spend $1. That's $2 you won't have in maybe one month. You spend $50K on a car. Wow, that could have otherwise turned into $100K and you could have bought two cars. Then instead of a money-earning thing, you have a stupid car that just gets you from here to there same as your previous car. So you decide to drive the old thing, as supposedly embarrassing as it is.

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