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The myth of the man-flu: Do men really get sicker, or are they just whinier?

•, By Sara Chodosh

Kyle Sue is the only doctor in town—literally—and he has no sympathy for your sniffles. Today he's too busy providing medical aid to the 3,100 Inuits who live in the hamlet of Arviat, which is roughly 500 miles north of Winnipeg and accessible only by plane. His patients suffer from tuberculosis and other infectious diseases at third-world rates, which is none too surprising given that they're often living 14 to a two-bedroom house.

But back when he was a master's student, Sue had an idea. An idea about the man flu. One year later, that idea became a paper in the British Medical Journal's annual Christmas issue, and would prevent him from sleeping the night of December 10, 2017 because too many people were calling to talk to him about it. After all, as the only doctor in town, he really has to keep his phone on.