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A Brazilian Politician Is Trying to Ban Bitcoin

• by Raphaël Lima

You've probably heard and read about all the massive gains Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies had this year, and where there are money and freedom going on, politicians will soon be hot on the trail to tax it to death. It's no different in Brazil.

Bitcoin in Brazil Is Booming

Victories are also coming in politics, with city councilmen being elected in five different capitals.

Bitcoin is in the news everywhere, and the crypto environment has grown remarkably. Brazil is already the fourth biggest market in the world for cryptos, and exchanges have generated over one hundred jobs since things began to grow quickly in the ides of 2015. Even arbitrage companies like Atlas and Bitcoin consulting companies like Banco Bitcoin are flourishing. Entrepreneurs are bustling with different ideas on how to make money and generate jobs with new technology, and native ICOs are germinating.

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