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How The Banks Bought Bitcoin | The Lightning Network

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This is the finished version of my original video "The truth about the lightning network" Treat this video as a menu to start at. As i add videos i will link the relevant ones. Upcoming videos on Bitcoins censorship by r/theymos, Blockstreams connections to the banks, How Blockstream took over Bitcoins development, as well as videos on Asicboost, Jihan Wu, Roger Ver and a variety of other topics. Please subscribe or give a thumbs up if you like this video! Donation wallets: BTC: 15hj4CgsqxWQPA5n1poAvxFYgu3vvnWjAX BCH: 15hj4CgsqxWQPA5n1poAvxFYgu3vvnWjAX XMR: 4A4MQAT6Ev9FgLzt7iqcEt31WrRHhk5Xe9auLh6MwXsTJWmsJoqpw24Us1BCn3HYZUV9BCZSM3kwQ6W5KgW5ZSM71T7RA2F

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Comment by Ed Price
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You don't have to use the Ligntning Network to exchange safely or often. From "Lightning Network cross-chain atomic swaps (what we call off-chain atomic swaps) have some benefits and drawbacks compared to the on-chain version. First, off-chain swaps on LN are instant as opposed to requiring several blocks on their respective chains. Second, off-chain swaps require funds to be committed to the Lightning Network. That is, any funds in a Lightning Network channel can only be used on the Lightning Network until the channel is closed."

Comment by Ed Price
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Since Bitcoin Cash (BCC/BCH) seems to have simply raised the block size like the original plan was for Bitcoin, Is there anything wrong with loading up on BCC? After all, don't they use what essentially is simply an earlier version of the BTC Core programming? Haven't they done the simple block increase that Satoshi Nakamoto provided for? Isn't BCC simply an almost ground floor opportunity to get in on freedom maintenance with Bitcoin? After all, they have used the same blockchain up until their November, 2017, fork (split) from Bitcoin, haven't they? And their blockchain isn't locked so that other Bitcoin wallets can't use it easily, like the current Bitcoin Core version, 0.15.1 locks the blockchain that they use, is it? Should we use Bitcoin Cash if we want to remain free? Won't people jump to "cheap" (BCC) later when they see how convenient it is?

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