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Bye, Bye, "Net Neutrality"…

•, By Chris Campbell

One Twitterer, @JohnnyOxyde (but his friends call him "Lil Man"), has a clever plan to save the Internet if TS does indeed HTF.

Bold move.

Mr. Ogden concurs. And, upon discovery, three people were right there with him.

The resistance, ladies and gentlemen.

Another popular hashtag, spread eagling incredible levels of cognitive dissonance, is #StoptheFCC.

(Stop them from stopping themselves, apparently.)

And here's the thing.

The endgame of Net Neutrality is not what most people think — and it's the complete opposite of "neutral."

The "Open Internet Order" (OIO), passed by the FCC in 2015, is incredibly explicit about nationalizing the Internet and placing it completely under government control.

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