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It's Time For a City On the Moon

•, by L. Neil Smith

Donald J. Trump, whatever you think (or more likely, feel) about him, has pointed us in the general direction that a free society always needed to go. There are still a number of feeble-minded stragglers—like the entire Democrat Party, shabby, threadbare, retreaded Marxists that they are—who don't get it that corporations don't pay taxes at all, and never will. Their customers do; that's you and me. Thanks a bundle, Chuck and Nancy, you bitches. So the next tax reform effort had damn well better reduce corporate taxes to zero.

I'm bloody sick and tired of paying twice, aren't you?

But I've digressed before I've even gotten started. A city on the Moon, and why not? It's time to go! We've been there (and back, regrettably) several times already. This time, as our economy heals from decades of soft-headed collectivism, we're going there to stay. All of the major scientific and technical problems have been solved. There are "lava tubes" up there where we can build whole cities, safe from killer radiation and deadly micrometeorites. But we had damn well better hurry, because the Chinese and the Japanese are planning to go, too, as are the Russians, and I would be shocked right down to my socks if the Indians and the Iranians and the North Koreans don't have blueprints on the table this very minute. Anyway, you want the U.N. to make the rules about property and individual rights there? You want Kim Jung Un to be the (Little Fat) Man in the Moon?

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