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lleged Roy Moore Loss - Case For Vote Fraud Investigation

• By Devvy Kidd

o I believe all the accusations against Moore by females coming out of the woodwork some 40 years down the road? No, I don't. I've been in the trenches now going on 29 years. I know how the shadow government plays their games.

While Roy Moore is quite flamboyant, he is and always has been a staunch defender of the Constitution and that's why the unseen hand could not allow him to win that senate seat in Alabama. It was also to hype the hype Republicans are going to lose the majority in Congress next year!

Back in, I believe it was November of 2003, I attended a speaking engagement outside Annapolis, Maryland. A state representative now out of office, Don Dwyer, was kind enough to get me a seat very close to the stage. It was a 'sold out' event, standing room out the door. Moore gave one of the most amazing presentations on the Constitution I have ever seen next to Dr. Edwin Vieira's powerful presentation. DO take the time to watch this video: The Power of the Sword and Power of the Purse Edwin Vieira

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