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Workhorse Electric Octocopter – (w/video)

•, by Mark Kane

The SureFly is propelled by eight independent propellers and electric motors for full redundancy (well, there is a ballistic parachute just in case the octocopter fails). The electricity comes from a generator – 2L 4-cylinder engine and YASA generator and two 7.5 kWh batteries. The range is claimed to be around 70 miles on the generator, as the battery works more like backup power.

It's designed to be simple to use – it will fly manually by setting altitude using the Up or Down buttons and move using a joystick. There will be an automatic mode too, in which you just set your destination.

Workhorse expects that the price will be under $200,000, although the company admits it will need a couple of years to get certification to fly the SureFly in our skies.

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