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WATCH: Activist Proves Power of Telling Cops, 'I Don't Answer Questions'--'It's


An activist made internet famous for his videos in which he says "I don't answer questions" reveals his secrets to dealing with police contacts.

Kenny Suitter never surrenders his 5th Amendment Right to remain silent. His numerous recorded encounters with police, in which he answers cop inquiries with "I don't answer questions" have racked up millions of views. Now, in an instructional YouTube video, Suitter explains his motivations and teaches everyone how to handle each and every police encounter.

He explains exactly what "I don't answer questions" means:

It means exactly what it says. It means you shouldn't answer questions, zero, not one, nada, zilch.

Suitter says the reason why you shouldn't answer one solitary question posed to you by police is very simple, yet it has everything to do with protecting oneself.

Your answers could be incriminating without you even knowing it. In fact, it's exactly what they're looking for, for you to make a mistake, so they can give you a field sobriety test, search your vehicle, or worse.

His advice is very simple: