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EXCLUSIVE: The secret deals which shaped our lives...

•, By Karen Ruiz

His latest book, The Deals That Made the World: Reckless Ambition, Backroom Negotiations, and the Hidden Truths of Business, set to be released in March 2018, reveals details of the secret meeting that took place in Geneva that made nearly every product obsolete.

Peretti also lifts the lid on the invention of the multi-billion-dollar diet industry, which came about after a health insurance clerk was struggling to keep up his numbers.


The light bulbs that illuminate our homes, offices, and streets come with a shelf-life and that's thanks to a secret cartel deal made by the electric industry in the early 20th century, Peretti reveals.

The Centennial Bulb, known as the world's longest-lasting light bulb, was created in 1901 and has continued to burn for 117 years. A seemingly everlasting light, it was the ideal product to the consumer, but quickly recognized as a threat for business.

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