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The CIA and President Trump Are Gaining a Foothold In Iranian Regime Change


The protests have seemingly come from nowhere as six days ago the news reached the West that protests were beginning inside of Iran. The protests seemed to lack a build up period that one would typically see in similar situations. This speaks to the fact that we are probably looking at what started out as a contrived event. However, because these events have entered a sixth day, they are taking on a life all of their own. It is noteworthy that some of the killed protestors were actually trying to steal guns from the town of Khomeinishahar. It is also imperative to note that among those killed were six protesters had also attempted to steal guns from a police station in the town of Qahdarijan, according to Iranian state TV as reported by the AP. This speaks to the fact that, with these types of actions, we can expect the bloodshed to grow exponentially over the next several days and weeks.

The people in Iran are ruled with an iron fist. No deviation from the beliefs and practices of this fanatical religious dictatorship is permitted. Justice is swift, unforgiving and often deadly. The media is controlled and is a point of derision and contention among the citizens of Iran. In Iran, there is no doubt that the rank and file fear their government and there is always an undertone of resentment towards authority. Having said that, the country's  leaders have accused the traditional  "enemies of Iran" of organizing and orchestrating the demonstrations which have turned deadly. I don't usually find myself agreeing with Iranian leadership on much of anything. However, in this instance, I totally agree with the Iranian leaders that this is an orchestrated event. The combination of living in a repressive regime and a little "encouragement" from CIA operatives, on the ground, have produced conditions which will soon boil over into full-scale rebellion.

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