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But only when their lips move


And this one has the added benefit of adding to our list of RINO Senators who have to be eliminated through Republican primaries at the earliest opportunity. (If their betrayed constituents want to go further, it might be a good idea to file a lawsuit, demanding that since these guys were supposed to be working for their STATES — not for Washington, D.C. — any pensions they receive must come from the state capital, not from Sodom on the Potomac. Then, go to the polls and enact referenda setting their pensions at "zero." Trust me, none of these guys retire as paupers.)

Before a videotaped Jan. 4 White House meeting, Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina — who gets his money mostly from big law firms and from a "Super Pac" called West Main Street Values, whose biggest donor is gun grabber Michael Bloomberg — explained his priorities to radio guy Hugh Hewitt. They include only small-scale wall construction –- he seems to think a quarter-mile of white picket fence might be nice — token "down payment" changes to the chain-migration system, and the reallocation of the 50,000 visa-lottery visas to business priorities (as in "businesses that give me lots of money and want to give your job to someone from India"), Graham explained.

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