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Cliven Bundy Trial - DISMISSED! This thing is over! John Lamb's Update - 01/18/18

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Published on Jan 8, 2018

Some of the Longer updates. Cliven and Carol are in his next update. Kelli has a one hour and twenty minute update I am uploading now. Thank you for all your support!!! ~~~~Bundy Family Official Story (Video)~~~~ BUNDY ~ The True Story — Official ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Uranium One, Malheur Refuge, + Seth Rich - Great Breakdown of Wikileaks Information Through the Looking Glass - Seth Rich, Uranium One, Jade Helm, + the Malheur Refuge - (Prologue)(Published on Jun 25, 2017) Defending the Hammonds w/ Lavoy Finicum, + The Bundy's - (Uranium One - Hillary Clinton)(Published on Aug 20, 2016) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ US Attorney's Office Implicated in Bunkerville Standoff? Cliven Bundy Trial - Dan Love's Orders came from Washington, also Parker + Drexler Misdemeanor Plea (Alert) Cliven Bundy Trial - Dan Love's Testimony, Hostile Witness - AParker (#2) - 10/24/17 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Other Videos Bunkerville (2014) *ALERT - BLM Aggression, Snipers, Dave Bundy Assaulted - Leaked Video - Nevada Trial (Infowars) )The Video The Feds Don't Want You To See Todd Macfarlane, Finicum family attorney, tells Truth regarding Refuge + Bunkerville - January 8th ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here are some Older Articles on Dan Love Dan Love OUT at BLM After Burning Man BLM misconduct probe may derail Bundy Ranch standoff trial Will BLM agent Dan Love misconduct cripple federal prosecutors in Bundy trial? More Allegations Of BLM Agent Dan Love Misconduct Key BLM figure in Bundy Ranch raid, Dan Love, fired for corruption, theft ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Day the Narrative Changed (The Lost Footage of Malheur Refuge) (Final Research) (Released August 14th, 2017) Day the Narrative Changed - 'Rumors of a Raid' (January 4th-5th) (Episode 1) Day the Narrative Changed - Rumors of a Raid Pt.2, Night of Tarpman - (Episode 2) Day the Narrative Changed - Sheriff Meeting, 3%, + the Fight - (Episode 3) Day the Narrative Changed - Passing the Baton w/ LaVoy Finicum, Committee of Safety (Episode 4) Day the Narrative Changed - The Militia, Ruptly TV, + The Gray Screen Footage (Episode 5) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #BundyRanch #Bundytrial #Bunkerville #UraniumOne

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