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Jeff Sessions Fallout: Dana Rohrabacher Interviewed

• by Anthony Johnson

One of the AG's leading critics is fellow republican Dana Rohrabacher.

Congressman Rohrabacher, representing Orange County, California, has long been a major proponent of ending marijuana prohibition, and the amendment (formerly Rohrabacher-Farr, now known as Rohrabacher-Bluenauer) that protects medical cannabis patients and providers from federal prosecution bears his name.  Representative Rohrabahcer, who I have had the opportunity to meet at a few International Cannabis Business Conference events, answered a few of my questions:

Was there any warning from Jeff Sessions that he intended to repeal the Cole Memo at this time? Do you think that the timing has anything to do with legalization starting in California?

There was no indication that he would do this, this was a desperate attempt for him to appear relevant. As you know, the Cole Memo is just a Memo where Rohrabacher/Farr is the law and the U.S. Attorneys' and the DOJ are prohibited by law from interfering with a medical cannabis business that is compliant with state law.

Donald Trump promised on the campaign trail that he would leave marijuana laws up to the state. However, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated that Trump supported the enforcement of federal law, whether it be on marijuana or immigration. Has Donald Trump gone back on his campaign promise?

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