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On further reflection, yesterday's immigration meeting was a stroke of genius

•, Dianny

From Ann Coulter to Mark Levin to folks on Twitter, there was a genuine belief that President Trump was about to stab his supporters in the back.

But thanks to Lupus keeping me up half the night (again), I had a lot of time to reflect on that immigration meeting.

And around four in the morning, it dawned on me just what a stroke of genius it was.

Let me explain.

The Democrats need illegal aliens to receive amnesty because without them, they become a permanent minority party.

I know that. You know that.

And thanks to a leaked memo from Center for American Progress, it's been confirmed.

But the folks who get their "news" from CNN? They probably don't know that.

In fact, I just ran a search on CNN's website to see if they did a story about the leaked memo from CAP.

And guess what? They didn't.

Then along comes President Trump who permits television cameras to remain in the room through the entire immigration meeting.

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