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Fisker premieres razor-sharp, 400-mile electric four-door at CES

•, C.C. Weiss

That's all changed at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, where Fisker is showing off a devilishly red EMotion, its compelling interior and the cutting edge battery technology that promises to drive it over 400 miles (644 km) per charge.

Following the unraveling of his previous company Fisker Automotive, there was a brief period of time we would have expected to see Henrik Fisker at a petrol-scented auto show pulling the cloth off a V10-stuffed sports car, or even at an international yacht show presenting an ocean-splitting superyacht. But not so much at CES. 

But the EMotion is a different beast. Not only is it an all-electric vehicle at a show that loves electric vehicles, it's an all-out technological tour de force highlighted by its budding solid-state battery technology, advanced Level 4 autonomy suite, and luxurious interior designed for limousine-like comfort and leisure.