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World's biggest telescope is almost ready for its launch next year - scientists are hoping...


(Natural News) The James Webb Telescope has successfully concluded a series of tests prior to its proposed launch in the year 2019. After being subjected to 100 days of cryogenic testing — to prove that it can remain operational in deep space — the megatelescope emerged victorious. Having passed this grueling exam, its engineers are confident that the James Webb Telescope will aid humanity in discovering the secrets of the universe — the truth of alien life included. 

As is written on its official web page: "One of the main uses of the James Webb Space Telescope will be to study the atmospheres of exoplanets, to search for the building blocks of life elsewhere in the universe."

This particular feat will be carried out with the assistance of ground-based telescopes, which will help measure planetary mass through the radial velocity technique or gauging "stellar wobble produced by the gravitational tug of a planet." Following that, the James Webb Space Telescope will then utilize spectroscopy to determine the compounds that make up a planet's atmosphere and verify whether or not the planet is capable of supporting life. Ultimately, scientists hope to find a planet with an atmosphere that's just like our own. (Related: European governments launch project to confirm presence of alien life.)

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