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Venezuelan Rebel Cop Oscar Perez Massacred By The Government After He Surrendered

• by Daisey Luther

The events of January 15 were confirmed to me by the above-mentioned sources. There is a remarkable inconsistency between the information provided by the videos chronology and the official version.

Oscar Perez: The Rebel Cop of Venezuela

In the 2017 protests, thousands of Venezuelans took the streets, patriotically and initially in a pacificist mood, responding to the call of our nation that cried out for Freedom.

The state security agencies, that both God and the world knows have become no more than a Praetorian Guard of the communist regime, fiercely attacked hundreds of Venezuelans with the intention to stop the demonstrations by force.

Now, it is known that some officials refused the orders to shoot to their own people, and understanding the great historical responsibility they faced, sacrificed their own comforts and careers, and placed themselves on the side of Venezuela.

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