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The Abandonment of the Working Class

• by Paul Craig Roberts

No longer is the victim group the working class and the victimizers Wall Street, the big banks and the capitalists. Today the victimizer is the white working class, and the victim group is everyone else. Somehow the working class, whose incomes and opportunities have been shrinking for three decades, a class that owns no politicians and has been abandoned even by the Democratic Party, is the powerful exploiter that has pushed aside the billionaires and rule America in their place. How likely is it that the down and out working class, branded by Hillary Clinton "the Trump deplorables" are the rulers of America?

The capitalists use their power to maximize their income and wealth, but in Identity Politics the white male simply uses his power to engage in racism, sexism, and homophobia. Moreover, unlike the victim groups—homosexuals, preferred minorities, and women—the white male is not protected by quotas, political correctness, and hate crimes. A white male can be called every name in the book, but one word considered hurtful or threatening to a member of a victim group and off goes the powerful white male to sensitivity training or to the ranks of the unemployed. If truth were possible, clearly it is the white heterosexual males who comprise the victim group.

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