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Watch: Soros Slams Trump, Predicts Democratic Landslide In 2018...

•, by Tyler Durden

With his apparent arch-nemesis President Trump just across town, billionaire globalist investor George Soros is about to sit down for a conversation among the world's elites in Davos...

Here is what Soros said in 2017:

On Trump as president: "Trump stands for a form of government that is a dictatorship or mafioso state. He would be a dictator if he could get a way with it."

On Trump and China: "Trump will do more to make China look respectable in the eyes of the international community than China could have ever done on its own."

On Trump and markets: "Long-term investors don't like uncertainty. I don't think the market will do very well [under Trump]."

And Soros begins on a down-note... commenting on the "bleak state of the world"...

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Comment by Ed Price
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The only democratic landslide that will happen is, the democrats will slide right down into the ocean, along with most of California when it slides off the edge. Bitcoin is weakening Soros. When the blockchain idea is incorporated into everything, freedom to contract will take over everywhere. The little people, both Democrats and Republicans, will all become Libertarians, automatically, via the blockchain. Soros will lose his followers.