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John McAfee: We'll Screw up the Future, But It'll Still be Better Than What We Have Today


John McAfee has already established himself as a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency world. With his background in programming and cybersecurity, he seems to be pretty fascinated by the decentralized technology and what it has to offer to the world.

We had a talk with him during the Cruise Asia, that took place Jan. 15- 19, and found out how he researches the coins to promote, whether he has any regrets about them and why Blockchain is the best thing that happened to the humanity.

Crypto Daria: You've got 700,000 followers on Twitter. Do you realize how big of an influence you have in the crypto market and do you think it's positive?

John McAfee: Of course! I mean for the cryptocurrency community that's a fairly large number of followers. But it's not just that. I also speak at all the major conferences, I'm close friends with Jihan Wu of BITMAIN – the main manufacturer of, virtually, all the Bitcoin miners, Roger Ver, for instance, or Brock Pierce is my party animal that I party with. I have as much influence in that arena as I do with my followers. In fact, even more. To sit down with Roger Ver and Jihan Wu and talk about Bitcoin Cash - I think vastly is much more influential than tweeting to 700,000 people.

John McAfee

John McAfee speaking in front of the public during the Cruise Asia, January 2018

CD: How do you decide which coin to promote? How do you research them?

JM: First and foremost are the principles able to actually produce what they say. Can you develop the product in a timely fashion? Do you have the team in place that understands the Blockchain, the software, the marketplace? But more importantly is something that I would like to use myself. Like Outings – hell, yes! I would love to use that program. Okay, I'll pay a dollar to get the info I can get from the app. The same with coins. I would love to have that facility - the KWHCoin. I mean I've had a lot of homes that were off the grid.

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