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Was Beatle Paul McCartney Killed in 1966 and Replaced with a Double?

•, By Ginny Garner

Was Beatle Paul McCartney killed in 1966 and replaced with a double? For those unfamiliar with the Paul is Dead (PID) mystery, this must sound like a ludicrous conspiracy theory. The rumor started in 1969 in the UK and US, spread globally with articles published in corporate media sources. The November 7, 1969 Life magazine cover story "Paul is Still With Us" settled the issue in the minds of most people.

Establishment sources that perpetrate the official explanations on controversial issues like the JFK assassination and 9-11 such as Wikipedia call PID a conspiracy theory or urban legend while others, for instance Snopes, dismisses the phenomenon as a false rumor. More than a decade ago, the topic started back up in a big way on the internet with web sites, YouTube videos, podcasts, radio interviews, as well as books. The metrics on public opinion? A survey of comments left on YouTube videos about PID or Paul Was Replaced (PWR) reveals about 50% believe Paul never died; 25% believe he did die; and 25% are undecided. Comments on sites simply providing news reports on McCartney reveal a much lower acceptance that Paul died.

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