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Is Donald Trump a disaster for libertarianism? Open Letter to the Donald


Dear President Trump:

I am a co-founder of the group Libertarians for Trump. We started that organization in order to help you get elected. We garnered somewhere in the neighborhood of 5000 signatories in your behalf.  How did I justify engaging in this initiative, given that Gary Johnson was also running for president, on the ticket of the Libertarian Party? I advised people living in red states such as Texas, or blue ones for example California, to vote for him, not you, on the ground that you didn't need these ballots. You would win big without libertarian support in the former places, and lose by a large amount to crooked Hillary in the latter ones. However, in purple states where the polls placed you and the Wicked Witch at a dead even heat, my thought was that even the small number of votes from libertarians in your column would be of significant help to you, and would not really hurt the LP candidate, since there are so few of these jurisdictions.  In that way, we libertarians could "have our cake and eat it too": help you precisely where you needed it, and also aid the LP ticket.

I also co-founded Scholars for Trump, and gathered about 150 signatures therein. The criterion for membership in this august group was an advanced degree such as a Ph.D., or a law degree, or an M.D. I did so since our friends in the lying mainstream media put it about that only ignorant red-necks in flyover country could support you. I wanted to help put paid to such nonsense.

Why did I support you? Mainly, 'twas because you ran on pretty much of a peace and anti-imperialist program. You said beautiful things such as I can get along with Putin. You excoriated past US practice in Libya and Syria, saying "Not on my watch." You indicated you would pull out of our now 17 plus year war in of all places, Afghanistan.

In your year of office so far, you have done wonderful things. Your appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court is head and shoulders over and above what Barack Hussain Obama tried to do, and what Hillary, presumably, would have done, were she, perish the thought, in the Oval Office. Excellent marks to you for pulling out of the Paris environmental brou ha ha, and casting aspersions on global warming during the recent cold wave. Your continued trashing of political correctness has been nothing short of magnificent. Your moves in the direction of lower taxes, less regulation, appointing Betsy De Vos to the Education Department (next stop, end this bureaucracy) also warm the cockles of this libertarian's heart.  Your attacks on the lying major media have been nothing short of superb. As they say in West Virginia, "Trump digs coal." Bless you sir for all these initiatives, and much, much more.

I could go on and on complimenting you on your really wonderful achievements, but I am sure I have now established my "street cred" as a person hardly suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

It is time, now, for some constructive criticism. I hope and trust you will take it in the spirit I mean it: an attempt to improve your record; to help Make America Great Again; to establish you as one of the greatest presidents we have ever had, if not the absolute best.

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