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The Latest in Local Government Pettiness

• by Daniel J. Mitchell

Centralization of government power is generally a very bad idea.

Schemes for "global governance" are the worst since they usually result in cartels for the benefit of uncompetitive nations.

National policies are the second-worst, often producing one-size-fits-all approaches accompanied by suffocating bureaucracy.

But this does not mean that state governments and local governments do a good job.

I've previously shared many examples of "great moments in state government" and today I'm going to augment my similarly sarcastic collection of "great moments in local government."

We'll start with one of America's most poorly governed cities. Yes, we're talking about Chicago.

The city can't be bothered to stop real crime (indeed, it encourages and enables criminals by disarming law-abiding citizens), but it will nail small business owners with heavy fines for things that shouldn't even be illegal.

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