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Amtrak GOP Train Crash Discrepancies, Reported Three Wheels Derailed Yet Moving...

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With every passing day it is becoming clearer that the "illuminati" is running false flags for Trump's controlled opposition agenda. Running the only game they have. That is to draw you into the fake conspiracy of Republicans and Democrats fighting with each other. For their Masonic hierarchical slave-masters that they have been bribed and extorted by. I have analyzed the possibility of the train hitting the garbage truck from the right to left direction. Concluding that the red white and blue striped locomotive is on the other end of the train. Initial reports were that the train's three front wheels had derailed.

Yet we see the congressman's video being filmed while he's in the train moving in the right to left direction. Why would the engineers not evacuate the train before they decide to roll it in the direction the congressman is filming. Also the garbage strewn across the field seems incompatible with the fact that the dislodged back part of the garbage truck would have had to make a couple of turns to have landed where it did. Why is there no garbage in the direction of the train tracks? They would have us believe that garbage, in an open garbage truck spinning, only flew in the direction of the open field!? Seems staged no matter which direction the train was supposedly going.

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