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In Search of Enemies

• by Justin Raimondo

Okay, I respect Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist as one of the few commentators who analyze events calmly, without the partisan hysteria and confirmation bias that's so glaringly obvious on the right as well as the left. But when I saw this tweet touting Victor Davis Hanson as a "great historian," I had to laugh: if his revisionist "history" of the Iraq war, which he fulsomely supported, is any indication of his skills in this realm, then we'll have to redefine greatness as the ability to express a large number of falsehoods without pausing for breath. According to Hanson, we won the Iraq war, which was a great success up until the time when we inexplicably abandoned our great victory and headed homeward: the rise of ISIS, the triumph of Iranian influence, and the rather humiliating expulsion of US troops by order of the Iraqi government don't figure in this "historical" account.

For anyone who takes ideas  seriously, Chase Madar's parody in The American Conservative should've put Hanson in his proper place. I guess Mollie must've missed that one.

In any case, according to Hemingway, Hanson's alleged genius is supposedly illustrated in an interview with Laura Ingraham on Fox, wherein the Russian bogeyman is debunked – in favor of the idea that it's Beijing, and not the Kremlin, that's the real threat to our precious bodily fluids.

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