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Canceling a father-daughter dance is an incredible example of political correctness...

• by Penny Young Nance

Neither are sons and daughters. And both research and common sense support the notion that children benefit when they have good relationships with a loving mother and a loving father.

Unfortunately, the enlightened, oh-so politically correct and highly educated bureaucrats at the New York Department of Education appear to be unaware of this startling revelation – even though it was common knowledge going back to prehistoric times.

So in a decision that sounds like a joke, the Department of Education adopted a policy last year that demanded schools throughout New York scrap any "gender-based" activities that do not serve an educational purpose. And apparently, one such gender-based activity is the long tradition of father-daughter dances held by many schools.

As a result, an elementary school in the New York City borough of Staten Island has called off – for now, at least – a father-daughter dance that had been scheduled for Friday.

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