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The Libertarian Movement

• by Bionic Mosquito

To which I replied:

I have been thinking quite a bit about this recently, the idea of a "libertarian" movement. I am wondering…if the objective is to achieve a move toward liberty, perhaps it isn't a "libertarian movement" (as the term is generally understood) that will get us there.

Further along in the conversation, I added:

I don't think there is a meaningful "we" when it comes to libertarians. Where left and right libertarians overlap is minuscule relative to where (and, more importantly, on what issues) we diverge.

Those on the libertarian left hold to more of a "we" with Gramsci and Soros; those on the libertarian right hold to more of a "we" with Pat Buchanan and Walter Williams.

What follows is my attempt to work out my thoughts on this matter; writing (and getting your feedback) is about the only way I know how to do this.  In other words, be kind with your criticism…this is my first attempt to put these thoughts into words.

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