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Hidden poisons in your MOUTH may be causing cancer, arthritis, heart disease and even obesity


(Natural News) Each day, I review hundreds of science and medicine headlines for assigning stories to websites like and, and I repeatedly see new science papers published about the links between oral bacteria and chronic diseases such as heart disease. The science is clear: If you have bacteria lurking in an old root canal, or hidden in your gum line, or even hiding out in pockets between your teeth, you may be inadvertently poisoning yourself with microbiological toxins that can seriously compromise your health.

Now, there's a way to educate yourself with the knowledge you need to prevent disease and protect your own health for life. From March 12 – 19, a free online docu-series called The Holistic Oral Health Summit brings you 35 experts in oral health, disease prevention, nutrition and more. You can view the series at no charge by simply registering at this link.

One of the speakers in the summit is the incredibly gifted and knowledgeable Griffin Cole, DDS, NMD, who I personally visited for an incredibly difficult cosmetic dental procedure involving an old root canal I had as a child (following a sports injury, which was a real teeth smasher…). I know firsthand that Dr. Cole is, without question, the most gifted holistic dentist I have ever personally encountered. He completed a very difficult procedure on me that three previous dentists utterly failed to resolve. And his work has remained rock solid to this day, years later. (That must be why Dr. Cole has something like a six-month waiting period for new patients in the Austin area. If you want to see him as a patient, visit and request an appointment. He's well versed in mercury-free dentistry.)

In addition to Dr. Griffin Cole, the Holistic Oral Health Summit features 34 other health experts, including Chris Shade, PhD (an expert in mercury toxicity and chelation therapy), Boyd Haley, PhD, David Kennedy, DDS and many other tremendously knowledgeable speakers.

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