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Monero Declares War on ASIC Manufacturers


On Sunday, a group of Monero developers published a development update addressing what has become a recurring question among altcoins that can currently be mined profitably with GPU hardware — how to respond to the threat that Bitmain or another mining rig manufacturer will develop an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) miner built to mine Cryptonight, which is XMR's Proof of Work (PoW) hashing algorithm.

Monero's response? — a preemptive strike.

Moving forward, developers will seek to protect the network's ASIC resistance by slightly modifying its PoW algorithm at every scheduled hard fork, which generally occurs twice annually. These changes will not be noticeable to ordinary XMR users, but they will alter the network's hashing algorithm enough that Cryptonight ASIC miners would become obsolete following every fork.

But in case these planned PoW adjustments are not enough to disincentivize the development of ASIC miners for Cryptonight, Monero will "perform an emergency hard fork to curb any potential threat from ASICs."

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