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Civic anarchism: The Spectre of Secession

•, By David Dürr

Secession – you can't see it, you can't smell it, you can't touch it. But when it's there, strange stuff happens: Huge numbers of police in combat gear appear out of nowhere, driving camouflaged armored vehicles, making you wonder where all the equipment is coming from, sirens howl, shrill bullhorns scream commands, whole streets, especially around school buildings, are sealed off, tear gas and rubber bullets are shot. Only there's no opponent there at all. Eerie.

Due to there being no opponents, the combat troops come down hard on peaceful people who are congregating at these school buildings for a harmless vote, yell at them, drag them away and beat them up. And this despite the fact that the object of the vote is anything but aggressive or harmful.

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