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Solve This Videogame's "Mind-Blowing" Test, Get a Bitcoin


The mysterious game, the latest in a long tradition of public treasure hunts, offers players the opportunity to achieve a lucrative payday — if they can solve the game's two dozen puzzles, that its.

At its core, MonteCrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma is a first-person maze exploration game, and players will be tasked with solving 24 "mind-bending puzzles."

Embedded in the game's files is a wallet.dat file containing the private key to an address with a 1 BTC balance. The wallet is encrypted with a 24-word seed that players will unlock once they beat the game. Only one player, however, will be able to claim the prize, and the rest will be met with an empty wallet.

Although the game is single-player, users can leave messages for others to find. Will they cooperate to solve the puzzles, or will they use the feature to try to steer them off the correct path? That's what the game's creators say they want to find out.

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