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14 Sets of Parents Try Remove Rights Millions Died For - 2nd Article to Bill of Rights


I know, let's take away the right to use a smart phone; they can kill you as well. Sure, your kid calls a stranger, they meet up, and the kid turns up dead. There is absolutely zero difference, yet people act with hysterics and cower under the guise of stupidity.

Over 600 homicides in Chicago last year, but the parents in Florida feel their cause is justifiable to kill the 2nd Article to the Bill of Rights because their Florida families are more important. If these professional cry babies want to kill something that millions died for, then brother, you are American National public enemy number one. You will not take away gun rights that protect millions from tyranny, no way, no how.  

Parenting skills are deteriorating by the second all over the country, allowing kids to access unlocked gun safes as the case in Florida recently. This amounts to gross neglect, along with lousy parenting skills. A parent chooses to have guns for protection, that parent had better be teaching proper gun respect, not the case in Florida obviously.

Parents are to blame when their "sicko" kids start shooting up the place, simple as that. If parents don't know their kids enough to realize there could be a problem, then the parents should be held accountable, not millions of American Nationals who rely on gun rights to protect from tyranny, and psychopathic leaders who currently occupy our White House.

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