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Branson's Virgin Hyperloop One to build test track in India

• By Nick Lavars

Together with the local government, Richard Branson's Virgin Hyperloop One has today announced plans to build a 25-minute Hyperloop connection between the Indian cities of Pune and Mumbai, which is currently a two-hour trip by car.

A fully developed Hyperloop would see passenger and cargo pods travel through near-vacuum tubes at around 700 mph (1,126 km/h). Virgin Hyperloop One has its competitors, but it is the only Hyperloop company so far to build a full-scale test track, pod and shuttle it along at anything close to this velocity, with a 387 km/h (240 mph) effort in December its fastest run so far.

But the lack of a proven system doesn't appear to be a problem for the growing number of governments around the world forming agreements with the company.