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Too busy wiretapping candidates, rigging elections, Covering Their Asses


So police were called out to visit with Florida "Valentine's Day" shooter-to-be Nikolas de Jesus Cruz THIRTY-NINE TIMES over the past seven years, for "mentally ill, domestic violence, assault, threats, Peeping Tom, shooting animals . . ." yet (as Loyal Correspondent Bear points out) neither cops nor school officials ever made use of the Florida Mental Health Act of 1971 (as revised 2009 — "The Baker Act") to send him in for 72 hours' involuntary evaluation, at which point someone MIGHT have decided to submit his name for a list limiting gun purchases? 

OK . . . maybe. I admit I wouldn't want to go back to a default setting in which we lock people up for years not for committing actual crimes but just for "crazy."

But the FBI received TWO detailed tips since September that this guy was posting threats to become a "professional school shooter," on YouTube . . . and did nothing?

The first report was they couldn't track him down . . . even though he used his real name. ( .) Now the FBI says the tip was never passed on from their telephone "hotline" to their Miami office, at all.

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