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Reader asks Vin to 'Lay off the bullshit'


"Hey Vin, I just read another of your articles elsewhere. Lay off the 'SSRIs cause shootings' bullshit, huh? I know it's popular among the Limbaugh crowd to try to lay blame on SSRIs or anything else but the guns, but the fact is that for the vast majority of people taking them, we're stabilized by them, not turned into psychopaths. If you want even more school shootings, cut off everyone's medications so that they're untreated.

"And I know perfectly well that sometimes people have adverse reactions. One of my in-laws had to be strapped into a hospital bed for a week until they got one drug out of his system. Guess what? It's pretty easy to tell when someone goes berserk because of a new prescription, and it can be STOPPED really easily.

"Please give my regards to LNS; I hope he is doing better now. Kind regards, — E. Shrdlu, Esq."

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