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China's anti-pollution war uses 60,000+ soldiers, artillery, and planes for...

•, brian wang

China has a war against its big air pollution problem. 

Air pollution in China causes about 1 million deaths each year. These are deaths and health impacts comparable to what China faced in WW2.

China is using a massive amount of brute force and a lot of actual military equipment and power to fight back.

* assigning 60,000+ soldiers to plant forests that have the are of Ireland
* Use of airplanes to carpet bomb the desert with tree saplings
* Massive amounts of artillery to fire rain seeding material into clouds. 55 billion tons per year of rain created and this will be expanded to 280 billion tons of rain
* building 150 story air purifying towers that suck air through massive greenhouses at the base
* creating 200 high-rise buildings per city holding vertical forests

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