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You Can Now Tokenize Yourself


You Can Now Tokenize Yourself

The future was meant to involve flying cars and jetpacks. Instead, it involves tokenizing yourself on the blockchain. It was Andy Warhol who famously observed that in the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. That fame, it now appears, may come in the form of the ultimate crypto vanity project: tokenizing yourself and selling your time. One audacious entrepreneur, Boris Akimov, is seeking to do precisely that.

Putting the I in ICO

It turns out that peak blockchain didn't occur when an iced tea company appended the word to its name for no reason. Instead it arrived on February 21, 2018 when Boris Akimov announced that he would be the first entrepreneur to tokenize himself on the Waves platform. It might not be this week's most ridiculous story (Steven Seagal and "Bitcoiin" is also a contender), but it's right up there. Explaining his decision to let the market dictate his value, Akimov said:

I have certain skills, knowledge and experience, as well as my time in which I apply them, which is what will be tokenised. Token owners can receive the benefits of this experience for a period of time, depending on how many tokens they have. The more competent my work, the higher the demand for my skills and knowledge, and the higher the value of the tokens…Conversely, the lower the quality of my work, the lower the value of the token.

You Can Now Tokenize Yourself

It takes a bold man to believe the market will want to purchase a stake in their skill set, especially one whose greatest achievements to date are to launch a farm-to-table Russian restaurant and related token called Biocoin. There are ways for "experts" in the crypto space to monetize their time, the most obvious being It's used by the likes of Jameson Lopp and Tuur Demeester, but Mr Akimov is evidently a man of loftier ambitions.

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