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[CPAC] Mike Pence wants to take out Nancy Pelosi (here's his plan)


Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C. in front of thousands of conservatives on Thursday, Pence outlined the new "playbook" heading into the 2018 midterm election: Grassroots conservative action.

And if American conservatives speak out, Pence promised, Pelosi will never be in charge again.

Speaking on the historic tax cuts put into action last month, Pence warned that the fight for the soul of America was only beginning.

"I dunno if you've heard, but the woman that wants to be Speaker of the House again, Nancy Pelosi, said the tax cuts would be Armageddon before they passed. She said it's unpatriotic to let Americans keep what they've earned," Pence told a cheering crowd of thousands.

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