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They've done it again! The Simpsons predicted USA would win curling gold and Sweden...


The Simpsons has once again predicted the future, this time with the results of the Winter Olympics Curling.

In a 2010 episode titled 'Boy meets Curl',  Homer and Marge take up curling, and they, along with Principal Skinner and his mom, lead the US Team to a gold medal during that year's games in Vancouver. 

Ironically in that episode, the Simpson's team beat Sweden, just as the USA did in a shocking upset victory over Sweden inPyeongchang on Saturday. 

This isn't the first time the cartoon, now in its 29th season, has made a joke that turned out to be prescient. 

They 'predicted' the Ebola outbreak, Greece's economic difficulties, and a horse meat scandal. 

Five years before she dove into the NRG Stadium to perform her Super Bowl halftime show, Lady Gaga was the subject of a Simpsons episode called  'Lisa goes Gaga',in which a Gaga like character descends on Springfield to perform