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10 Fundamentals For Your Homeopathic Medicine Kit

• by Sarah Anne Carter

A visit to a doctor may be impossible however there are a number of time-tested remedies that may prove useful. Having certain items on hand can help prepare you for situations where medical attention is necessary.

Here's what should be in your homeopathic medicine kit

Aloe vera plant – Anyone who has had a sunburn knows how wonderful aloe vera can be to help with healing. Having a plant in your house makes sure you have it on hand and don't have to run to the store. Fortunately, aloe vera plants are very easy to care for and do well both inside and outside.

Essential oils – While it is key to use essential oils wisely and carefully, they can be a great tool to have on hand for many different conditions. A number of guides are available with all but a list of their uses. Learn about some of them here. The ones I use most often are lavender, peppermint, lemon, a blend of oils for muscle aches, eucalyptus, and Thieves Oil.