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Soros launches secret plot to DESTROY the First Amendment

•, Frank Holmes

But the free-flow of information is a thorn in the side of radicals and global elites, who hope to keep operating in the shadows.

Now liberal billionaire George Soros wants the U.S. government – and governments around the world – to censor the news you can read, share, and talk about on social media. Essentially, he wants to destroy the protections offered by the First Amendment.

He has hired a team of Democratic Party hacks and elitist intellectuals to lobby sites like Facebook and Twitter to ban so-called "fake news." He even wants the most shadowy parts of the Deep State to control which stories show up in your internet searches.

Of course, you know the game. "Fake news" is any news that serves you instead of the New York-D.C.-Hollywood elites' agenda.

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