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Luxury solar yacht is just as spectacular as we anticipated

•, Bridget Borgobello

Well, Turkish shipyard Ned Ship teamed with Solarwave to create the series of zero emission solar yachts, now available in 54, and 64 feet versions with a 66-foot charter on its way. After nutting out the concept and spending 5 years testing the technology, the very first Solarwave 64 is finally cruising the waters. What's more, it's boasting an unlimited range operating off the solar panels alone.

"We can confirm that we do have an unlimited range only powered by the solar roof, during a normal sunny day and a cruising speed between 6-7 kn" Egon Faiss, Marketing Director from the Ned Ship told New Atlas.

Solarwave 64 combines a carbon composite hull design from Ned Ship's Dr. Orhan Celikkol and Michael Köhler's Solar Energy system to create a luxurious 64 foot catamaran that's capable of operating with zero emissions.