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Hypersciences will fire objects at hypersonic speed to tunnel 10 times faster for oil...

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HyperSciences is using the power of extreme velocity to radically change the economics of industries and companies whose success hinges on the ability to break rock as fast as possible. RAMAC is a mature aerospace technology developed at the University of Washington that is capable of firing large mass objects in excess of 2 km/s or 4,500 mph.

* HyperDrill™ is Hypersciences oil and gas and geothermal drilling solution. With financial commitment by Shell Oil, they have developed a drilling solution that increases rate of penetration by up to 10x that of existing drilling technology.

Access and Scalable Silicon Thermoelectric generators (TEG) Plant
COTS Thermoelectric generators (TEG)
Temperature difference directly into electric power.
No complex turbines required

Every few seconds, they use a combustible mixture of air and diesel gases to fire a concrete projectile at over Mach 5. The projectile vaporizes cleanly at the rock face and breaks up the rock.